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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Corbin 39 in Sailing Magazine

This photograph of Jakatar was featured in a "Used Boat Notebook" article published in Sailing Magazine. The writer David Liscio contacted me, through the Corbin 39 Association, and I made some observations about Corbin 39 sailboats which he included in the article.

Another shot below, now with a solar panel instead of the wind generator. I much prefer the solar panel. No noise, nothing moves and, hopefully, nothing breaks down. 

Sailing Magazine's Used Boat Notebook is meant to give readers summary information about a sailboat's merits. This was David Liscio's summary conclusion: "A sleek, rugged, bluewater cutter, the Corbin 39 merges sea-kindliness with comfort and proves ideal for a cruising couple or small family."

What about the interior, you may ask. The video below takes you on a tour of Jakatar's interior. Note that Jakatar is a model of simplicity, perhaps excessively so. Even so, it's very spacious and cozy, especially if you like wood finish...lots of wood.

I'm planning to visit the boat in the coming days to spend a week of lockdown time aboard. Lockdown, in this case, is a 5-day nationwide ban on the crossing of municipality borders.


  1. A week lockdown on the boat..woohoo!....i mean...Brrr!!. It's a bit too cold for me without heat over at this part of the woods.
    Nice to be reminded of how beautiful Jakatar is!
    Have fun!

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  4. I was searching Corbin 39 and found your blog.... you tell it like it is, so I have a question... How difficult a boat is the Corbin 39 to sail singlehanded? I know that whatever boat I choose, I'll end up single-handing it about 20% of the time, and that's significant. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

    1. A Corbin 39, like most sailboats, is fairly easy to singlehand if you have it set up right. I singlehand most of the time on trips. However, on Jakatar I have all lines leading aft, a hydraulic autopilot that can be engaged at a push of a button, the main sail sheet and the 4 main winches are within reach of the helm, the chartplotter is at the helm and I have a harness jackline rigged along the middle of the deck so that I can't fall overboard even if I tried on those rare moments that I have to/want to go forward.
      When I sail on smaller, less stable boats, I can't help think that they are downright dangerous for solo sailing because of their narrower beam and jerky motion. A Corbin 39 is a wide stable platform, when it rolls in a wave it does so in slower motion.
      When I was younger I used to solo sail Jakatar without an autopilot, without a chartplotter and without a furling genoa...some people said I was reckless, others said I was crazy, and they were probably right.
      Solo docking in a marina on a windy day is the worst part, that's why I mostly anchor, the sailing part is fairly easy if you have some experience and are reasonably fit, as in being able to quickly climb three flights of stairs without too much effort.
      Hope that helps.

    2. Thanks, Horatio. I agree, the windy marina is the biggest challenge.

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