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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jakatar, a Corbin 39, Wins the Peniche Regatta

Jakatar won its last (2019) regatta in Peniche, in its last year in Peniche, just before sailing off to the Algarve, maybe forever!

If you can read Portuguese, you can read the Newspaper report about the regatta, or you can translate it on Google or, even better, you can skip it.

I won because I had painted the bottom weeks before and because I decided to be a racer instead of a cruiser for one day. This means that I actually concentrated on winning. A Rival 38 came second while the supposedly modern fast boats finished way behind. We had winds of 10 to 15 knots and the legs implied sailing in nearly all points of sail.

The photograph below shows Jakatar about to overtake two of the fastest boats participating.

Also note the ugly stripe, which I started to repaint between the haulout and the race, but only got as far as removing most of the oil-based paint with a heat gun and paint scraper. A real pain in the butt job that I performed with the boat in the water...meaning that I worked on my knees with head and arms hanging over the side. Then there was the sanding, taping and actual painting. Not to be repeated in any circumstances.

Before the bottom job:

After, a slippery bottom perfect for winning races:

Coming up in the next post: Building a concrete mooring on site on the boat and launched from the boat. 


  1. Hello,
    Are you an Alado Furler owner?
    Have you got some recommandations, feedbacks ?
    Most precisly i am interested about the tunning of the luff and the longivity of the component.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Erik,
      Yes, I have an Alado Furler.
      It was extremely easy to install, without removing the forestay,
      I bought and installed it in 2009 and so far no problems, no maintenance and still looks almost the same.
      I have a heavy 48 m2 genoa, so furling and unfurling takes a bit of work...not sure if this is because of the size and weight of the sail or because of the furler which has no bearings.
      It's not feasible to tune the luff while sailing. The sail halyard goes through a sheave at the top of the sail and comes back down where it is fastened to the top of the drum (the part that doesn't rotate). You can tighten or loosen the luff by hand when there is no pressure on the sail. I've never touched mine.
      If you want an affordable, reliable and easily installed furler, it's a good choice. Not as fancy, easy to tune and to operate as the more expensive furlers.
      Hope that helps.

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