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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sailing, Fishing and Being Lazy

trolling on a sailboat
Peniche in the background, fish lurking somewhere underwater.
Not long ago I wrote a post about the purpose of sailing in which I listed 4 reasons to go sailing ranked according to the "fulfilment/excitement" factor:
  1. Cruising 
  2. Sailing to a nearby destination and back
  3. Racing 
  4. Taking the boat out for a relaxing sail
Since then I have discovered 2 more reasons for sailing: 
  1. Fishing
  2. Escaping boat maintenance tasks (aka being lazy)
The time has come to flash the trench coat and reveal the naked truth.

Not only am I bone-weary tired of boat maintenance, I also discovered fishing. Or maybe I discovered fishing and now I've convinced myself that I'm tired of maintenance work. 

After 14 years of fixing, replacing, sanding, polishing, varnishing, painting and all that stuff, I need a break!

Every summer in the Algarve, in the early morning or early evening, when it's not so hot, you'd see me anchored polishing the stainless, scrubbing the topsides or whatever. Every summer, except for the last two years. So, I suppose my laziness began two years ago. That's about the time when the recently painted mast began blistering and shedding paint real bad. That was a real downer and probably the catalyst for my lethargic ways. I feel lazy and I don't give a shit.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still be doing mechanical maintenance - anything that's important, anything that's really ugly (for example, I do intend to slowly scrape all the paint off the damn mast to a naked pole, and leaving it that way). Other than that, screw it.

So I went fishing the other day and got hooked (lots of puns today). Not hooked on the fishing itself but, instead, on sailing and trolling a couple of lures. 

I didn't get hooked on fishing this summer in the Algarve, where I caught one fish and one seagull (the gull survived unharmed, by the way). I was too busy sailing and having fun being free. But now, back in Peniche, I will either go fishing between my annual trips to the Algarve or the boat will be doomed to collecting cobwebs at the marina.

catching mackerel
Not a big catch, but it's a start.
The important part is the sailing part. And since the best speed for trolling is about 3 to 4 knots, I unfurl the genoa and forget about the other sails.

high-cut genoa

What I need now is a fishing paravane to drive the lure deeper where, hopefully, I'll catch some bass and bigger fish. I may also get some squid lures for days when there's no wind because I love grilled squid...or perhaps I love sitting on the boat indulging, forgetting what's not worth remembering, shedding crap, being still, quiet and appreciative.

fishing paravane

As you can see, I don't need much, mostly fair weather and free time.


  1. I hear you on the laziness, my brother slave. And I'm one step ahead of you. I don't even go fishing!!
    Ok, being on the hard is a factor but still, motivating myself to start any type of improvement project, or any maintenance except running the engine with fresh water and vinegar, I haven't done squat! Even writing a blog post is pointless!
    'Must be something in the air (or in the water)! F-it!
    Nice catch, bytheway. Maybe I should go to a fishing shop and pick up some lures.... and find some inspiration.

    1. You lazy bum!!!
      It must be the Autumn blues, we'll get over it.
      Your boat is on the hard for a large part of the year, so fishing as a motivation for sailing off-season doesn't really apply to you. There's always plan B, C....

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