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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weather Diary

Inspired by a statement in my last post - "we're in an age when life doesn't seem to exist unless you photograph it" - I decided to keep a weather diary. This implies taking at least one outdoor photograph per day, recording basic weather information and writing a brief thought for the day.

The excitement is almost unbearable! I know. Titillating or not, I had to do it to get it out of my system. After 4 days or so, it still seems like a good idea, better than collecting stamps - I think.

Besides, sailing and weather are like hats and heads. Show me a sailor (as in, sailboat owner) who doesn't have at least a casual interest in weather and I'll show you a person who owns a hat but has no head.

Drove to the marina, ran the engine in reverse, checked the fluids, dried the bilges, talked to sailors, saw a Walker Bay sailing dinghy a friend bought. That was my afternoon in a nutshell, slow living in sunny winter weather.


  1. Headless hats and sailors and weather.... wonderful analogy!
    And interesting photographic "thing" was what Harvey Kaitel did in a movie (will William Hurt?). He would take the same exact picture every day at the same hour precisely. Interesting stuff.
    Your new "project" sound like alotta fun. When and how will you turn us on to it?
    That Walker Bay sailing dinghy looks awesome.... I want/neeeeed one!!!! (though 40kgr is a bit heavy....)

    1. There have been a number of experiments with photographing changes over time, and, yes, some very interesting stuff.
      I'm photographing all kinds of things showing the weather; more of a diary for future reference. Time will tell if I get tired of it.
      To see it, all you have to do is click on "weather diary" in the post.
      Good luck with the Greek situation. It could be fantastic, it could be horrible - who knows. It's the stage for Plato and Aristotle all over again. On the bright side, being alive is beautiful until we die, regardless of politics.