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Monday, December 1, 2014

Tara comes to Peniche

A legendary boat built for extreme conditions, Tara is the platform for high-level scientific research missions. Website
Luckily, I and my entourage were invited to take a tour aboard in the morning before they laid out the gangplank for the public in the afternoon.

It's an amazing ship and the French crew were super friendly. Another benefit was that it made my boat look small, so maybe I'll stop bitching about owning an oversized boat, maybe but I doubt it. Here's Tara leaving Peniche.

schooner Tara
Uhhhm, Ana never looks this happy when she's on my boat. Maybe size does matter!
Tara the ship
Tara's galley.
Aluminum schooner
Checking out the work bench down below. I have to stop looking so "out of it" in photographs, maybe I should start drinking coffee again.
Tara expedition schooner
A big bad-ass bare aluminum schooner designed for ramming icebergs. No paint (except the orange square) and no varnish.
Unpainted aluminum
My brother Cesar deep in thought.

The entourage before lunch at the "O Sardinha" restaurant. Kathleen, Cesar's partner, took all the pictures.


  1. Holy Cow! What a ship!! I guess size does matter! But I doubt they single hand her.
    What a galley!!
    What a workshop... you look good in there!
    Tara is the definition of BadAss!

    1. Almost anybody could single hand her - motoring...and even docking if you don't mind ruining a few marinas!!!
      Now I know how dinghy owners feel when they visit Jakatar :-)

  2. Bye bye, Tara! Bon voyage! :) Thanks for sharing the video, it was like being in there!

    1. Lily,
      An image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million...if you like what you see. Glad you liked it.