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Friday, May 2, 2014

Lazy Life vs. a Lazy Mind

On returning from Berlin with a nasty cold, I spent a few days at home with my head wired to the computer. Then I got a translation assignment - a three-day job that I somehow stretched to 5 lazy uninspired days.
When I finally visited the boat I accomplished exactly what you see in the two photographs below.
Applied the new trick for removing the winch cap.
Removed the winch cap (on both Barlow 28 winches) and then screwed them on again.
I also ran the engine in gear for 15 minutes. 

I didn't clean the winches because I'd need some diesel in a jug. The gas station is 2 km away, so I'd need to get the jug, walk to the jeep, drive 2 km, pump some diesel into the jug, pay for it, drive back and lug it to the boat. That's a lot of work, at least 30 minutes worth. After taking all these major hassles into consideration, I realized wouldn't have time to clean both winches...better leave it for another day. A fine example of the lazy mindset - taking the path of least resistance always wins.

My mind has been stuck in this mode for 2 weeks. Being lazy and going fishing, going for a long walk or sitting under a tree reading a good book is good. Being lazy and doing nothing sucks. 

Sailing season and house rental season are just around the corner, and I have a million things to do. Gotta snap out of it before it becomes a habit. 

PS Just got two translation jobs for the weekend. Maybe I'm getting lazy because I'm living a dog's life.


  1. Laziness, procrastination, whatever you wanna call it,... as long as you accept the fact that your not going to do anything makes it so much more enjoyable. Habit forming as well. Then when it all piles up, you attack the "mountain" and enjoy the fruits. And in my case, an aching back!

    1. Yeah, you said it perfectly: "accepting laziness makes it enjoyable".
      On the other hand "accepting that I have a million things to do and not enough time" does not make the lack of time more enjoyable.
      Gotta meditate on that for a while.
      Hope your back gets better.