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Retire early, be passionate, don't worry, die poor

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Retire Early, Stop Worrying and Die Poor

Warning: this is an X-rated post. You must be over 50 to really appreciate it.

I've been feeling a bit disjointed since our cat died. It's as though I'm floating around no longer held in place by gravity. In other words, suddenly I don't give a shit. 

Maybe it wasn't the cat after all. Maybe - just maybe - it was the flaking paint on the mast that triggered it. I got all disconcerted and hyped, grinding my teeth about the stupid mast until I blew my last middle-class fuse. Consequently, I decided to scrape the mast and leave it ugly (sort of). It felt good, really good to solve the mast problem simply by not caring about what others would say and are saying.

Not caring what the neighbors think is serious business - it might take you to beautiful places populated by beautiful "losers." Suddenly you look at the real you in the mirror and wink because now you have a secret.

looking in the mirror
Why did I lash a mirror to a boat hook? To check the propeller, a cool trick. And yes, the prop is covered in barnacles.
Anyway, that led me to thinking about retiring early, not worrying and dying poor. Think about it, why would anyone want to die rich? What's the purpose of that? 

I've heard the argument that when you're "old" you need more money for health emergencies, home nursing, a fancy room in a retirement home, bla, bla, bla." What's the sense of sacrificing the good years to have better dentures when your teeth fall out and a fancy wheelchair when your legs go rubbery, your knees freeze and your pecker doesn't chirp anymore? 

My mind is made up. It's not going to happen overnight, but it's coming and there's no way to stop it.


  1. "Churpa churpa cheep cheep". Remember that one? If so, retire with your head up! (Wink wink ,nudge nudge, 'know what I'm saying). I've been retiring every night... it's called passing out after being butt-f#@$ed everyday at work (hence my lack of commenting lately). Plus I'm broke already.
    Ultra cool mirror trick, thanks!

    Oh, I just had to do this...

  2. Forgot all about it. Hell, I used to wear bellbottoms too. While I was at it , I also found this one that's a bit more visual: and then one recorded in 2011 just out of curiosity.
    I'm working less and "I feel good," as James Brown once shouted just before doing the splits.
    If I run out of money, I'm fairly confidente I won't starve.

  3. I’ve read this post a dozen times in the last months and it still resonates with me. I go through my day at work and chuckle about that “wink” because I do have a secret.
    On my Outlook calendar I can see today’s date and the planned date of my giving notice on the same screen. It’s that close. The boat and I are ready and it’s only a matter of a few details before I pull in the dock lines to take that year off and go sailing.
    As for dying poor? I’m not worried about it. Like you, if I run out of money I know I won’t starve.
    Many thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Jeff,
      Happy to know that you're encouraged by my post. Good luck on your trip, and it's not how far you go, but how good you feel to be free on the water. The goal is the frontier between boredom and feeling alive.