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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Mast Maintenance

The future is so bright I think I need shades! 
Maybe it's the sunny balmy weather we're having that's making me feel rejuvenated and all gung-ho.

I've reached a personal victory - I no longer agonize about painting Jakatar's mast. I'm like the hipsters living between Queen Street and College Street, Toronto, who let their lawns grow wild. But I don't feel hip, I simply don't care. 

I care about the mast's integrity, about having a safe comfortable boat, about enjoying life...but not about whether the mast looks perfect. I don't look perfect, not by a long shot, so why would I worry about the mast? Better stop before I start a new religion.

Climbing the Mast
Made it to the first spreader...looking like I'm afraid of heights. But, in fact, I'm only afraid of falling. The line tied to a halyard near my right arm is attached to a harness. It slides up and down and would prevent a free fall.
I got as far as standing on the spreaders to scrape as far as I could reach. Three more trips up the mast should do it for this year. I also want to place boots on the upper spreaders and install a deck light to replace the one that fell off years ago. I've had the spreader boots and deck light in a box for years, it's about time I got the tomatos to start going aloft.

My plan is to give the mast a yearly scrape until it's bare aluminum again and then maybe coat it with Nyalic

Corbin 39 deck
The topclimber comes with a nice tool bag that also advertises their kit because everybody loves to gawk at a mast climber. I got giddy from all the admiration from at least 3 or 4 onlookers.
Aerial view of Peniche
I'm only one third up. I can hardly wait for the view from the top.
While scraping away, I looked up and thought, "shit, that's gonna be really high at the top." Then, on second thought, "hahaha, it makes no difference, either way it would be "splat and goodbye."

So, if this blog isn't updated in the future, send flowers.


  1. And I thought I was the only one who knew the "shades" song.
    And I'm all for the "not looking good" religion and enjoying life.... which is way to short.
    Will petunias suffice?
    Man, I gotta get a mast climber. It looks like you're having way to much fun!

    1. They were playing that song when I still had nearly all my hair.
      I made it to the second spreaders yesterday without the funeral flowers will probably have to wait until I'm old and no longer climbing masts. Knock on wood.
      The top climber really is fun, but that's for the next post.

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