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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Untie the Lines - How to Become Famous

Blogging and Youtubing have become the showroom for a new wave of adventurers, minimalists, spiritualists, contrarians, freedom seekers, back to nature revivalists and a whole lot more. I think it's great. Blogging is the future, not Facebook or Twitter.

I've just discovered a young German woman who has embarked on a sort of "Youtube reality show" aboard an old steel sailboat.

It's definitively a mesmerizing adventure. And although she knows practically nothing about sailing, she does, however, know how to shoot film, is attractive and sure knows how to talk. Did I say "talk"? I meant to say "seduce".

And what could be more seductive than a young charismatic woman abandoning a normal life in Germany to sail an old steel boat with practically no previous sailing experience. The beauty of it, is that the audience will be kept at the edge of their seats waiting for this totally unpredictable adventure to unfold.

This is the type of voyage that will get old salts stuck at the marina foaming at the mouth, either with lust, envy, rage or criticism. That's the problem with Internet: no matter what you're doing, there's always some adventurous soul doing it better than you. Damn it!


  1. Ahhh, boat porn! I'm an addict. I watch so much of it, it's ridiculous. I've stopped watching TV, even movies. If it ain't about a boat (and recently sewing machines etc), I ain't watchin'! It's been 2.5 years straight.... I've even stopped watching real porn! (forcryingoutloud)
    I subscribed and have been watching Untie the Lines 3 weeks now. I'm in love and definitely pissed off with myself for not being her (sounds odd). So then I watch a flick on "Keep Turning Left" and hit the sack.
    As a boat slave, I naturally have issues!

    1. There you go, proof that being a boat slave is one of the best types of slavery; it frees you from some, unfortunately not all, the mundane things in life.
      I'm pissed off I'm not there teaching her how to sail, although that would defeat the purpose of her"show".