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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Storm Damage

The storm knocked on the door and broke it down.

In my last post I showed an amazing video of a marina being destroyed by a storm. Never imagined the same thing would happen yesterday evening here in Peniche. Hard to believe, but 14-meter waves were recorded by wave buoys.

It didn't look good when I arrived early this morning. Waves were still coming over the breakwater, just babies compared to the monsters that came crashing right into the marina yesterday. Six boats sank, others were damaged, but Jakatar is fine. I couldn't get a dinghy ride out so I went back home to work on a translation.

I came back in the afternoon and got a ride to a marina that is now an island. There's no water, no electricity, no access, probably no funds for repairs - might as well be docked on a desert island. Doesn't look good.
I have to walk this now to reach Jakatar...What am I thinking, from now on I'll have to take a dinghy ride and tie up to Jakatar. I could kick myself repeatedly in the butt for having sold my bullet-proof mooring.

The power of water.

1 minute after I took this shot, the boat splashed back into the water and the crane was left holding a couple square feet of fiberglass and two cleats.

I'm OK, Jakatar is OK, what are you gonna do when you're a boat slave?


  1. Glad to hear you and Jakatar are alright. But wtf! Your marina is toast.
    A very sad sight
    It could be worst. Chin up. Carry on
    Rowing will be good but hauling the dinghy from home every week will blow.
    Lousy economy, lack of funds, hmmm... doesn't look like things will change any time soon. Any other marina or mooring options?

    1. Thanks Pete.
      I'm hoping they'll set up some sort of temporary access ramp.
      Plus I don't have electricity to work (translate) all day on the boat. There goes my boat day (tomorrow). Life is short, one boat day is very important.
      The closest marina is in Nazaré, a fifty-minute drive, and may not even have space for me.
      My spot is OK. The question is: are they going to fix the main pontoon and ramp, and when.
      Wait and see.

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