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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seagulls on Land

Then the wind and high waves came, and the hungry seagulls took refuge on land waiting for better days.
seaguls on land

seagul plague

Seaguls and weather

You want to know why the seagulls are in town? Look at this.
34-knot gusts today, reaching 42 knots on Tuesday along with 6.4 m [updated to 7.2 m] waves. That'll get us in the Christmas spirit. If you can't have snow, might as well have wind and frothy waves.

There was no electricity at the marina when I arrived in the morning. I have a ton of translation work and was tempted to head back home. But then a thought struck me; why not work on my new Samsung LCD laptop and see how far the battery would go, or maybe even hook it up to the inverter - I do have a Rutland wind generator after all, and it was blowing hard.

I got to work and the sweet Samsung just kept on going and going. When the power came back on before lunch, I still had lots of battery juice. So I've got the perfect laptop for next year's trip.

And that's it. I worked, had lunch, walked around the marina, ran into Ryker and found out that the "Dream Boat" was not made in Poland. It's a boat made in Russia, of all places, and purchased in Spain. The crew is a French guy and an Oriental woman. Think about it: a Russian-made boat, bought by a French sailor in Spain with an Oriental woman aboard, docked in Peniche and going somewhere. Whooo, globalization is getting out of control.

Honwave floor
Yesterday I did some laundry, including the dinghy.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Hitchcock alla Portugal! Good thing they're on land and not on Jakatar!
    Sounds like a sweet laptop. I'm playing with the tablet idea with GPS and wifi and 3g etc... but the Gov. takes one away from me every month! Plus I got Rocna on my mind.
    Hey, surfs up in Peniche.! 'Wonder if that Russian boats' (or anyone else) will head out those days... probably not. But then again... oh you know those French!