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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sailing and Sunsets

It's winter and I'm translating like mad. I feel like the sun is going down on me (hey, I'm entitled to a cliche now and then). Most evenings, sitting at my office I see the sun sinking into the ocean. I can also see it rising over the hills too; but for that luxury I have to climb the spiral stairs to the attic and poke my head out the window or walk out onto the terrace.
I've been known to complain now and then about this and that, but I can't complain about the view.
Ocean Sunset

And since I can't take my Corbin out for a sail, I do the next-best thing - watch somebody else sail on Youtube. Here's "The Greatest Sailing Film Ever Made on the Tagus River." It exemplifies the beauty of owning a Sailmar. Many of these small but fast and robust sailboats were made in Portugal by a company called Delmar Conde. Today, they build high quality mid-size cruiser/racer sailboats to order.

Then the sun went down, darkness fell and I had dinner. I can hardly stand the excitement, I tell you.


  1. Ah, winter youtube-ing and dreaming of sunsets (haven't seen one in a while) I've been vegging on more tranquil sailing. Check out Keep Turning Left and glide with the tides and look at the birds. Exciting in its own little way.
    Dude, stop working so much.
    Enjoy your holidays
    Hav'a Happy Happy

    1. Holidays? I must have missed the bus.
      "Keep Turning Left." That's how to do it, and fun vídeos to watch.