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Friday, November 15, 2013

Octopussy has Arrived

Another sunny day without work. As long as I can pay the bills, I'm happy.

Catamaran in Peniche
A catamaran called Octopussy.
Does this skipper have any women aboard? If so, how do they feel about sunbathing on a boat called Octopussy. I realize that it's the title for a James Bond movie; nevertheless it gives you a funny tingle the first time you see it. At least it gave me a funny tingle, maybe I'm biased toward certain words!

I Googled "Octopussy" and found it on Facebook. At one time it was based in Greece and had a huge octopus painted on both hulls. Have a feeling that it must have changed ownership - but not the name.

Checked out the steel boat up closer. It may have some style, but it rusts - looked prettier from a distance. Later, the owner started grinding steel on deck. Good thing the wind was blowing the shavings away from the marina. Have you ever had steel shavings embedded into fiberglass? Hopefully not.
A wind generator without blades - one way to solve the vibration problem.
While I was there, I snapped this picture of Jakatar.
Corbin 39
It really does look naked and dirty.
The humidity in the boat dropped to 63%. That's closer to what I had in mind. Don't want it to get too dry or the woodwork will start shrinking, and who knows what will happen.
Humidity reader

Had a leisurely lunch with red wine. After doing the dishes, I put on my 3-euro sunglasses and walked to the end of the pier. My original plan had been to take a walk through the narrow streets in town, take some pictures and give readers a sense of what Peniche is all about. That will be my next project on a sunny day.

Haven't you seen enough ocean water and boats, you may ask? No.

That's my foot, by the way.
I sat here for about 45 minutes watching boats of all sizes and colors coming and going. The sunshine, the rhythmic gurgling of water and the inner peace that comes from not being in a rush really do have a strong soothing effect. I call it "escaping from life's constant chatter."

Sitting there I got the bright idea of buying a fishing pole so that I can stand, sit or lie down anywhere near the ocean pretending that I'm fishing. I'm in need of some variety as long as it's spelled s-i-m-p-l-i-c-i-t-y. Yeah, that's it.


  1. Octapussy, eh? Never saw her in my part of the woods (and quite content!)
    Wow, that steel boat looks like a ... steel boat
    Jakatar lookin' proud! I just bought a kilo (9euro) of Silica Gel and gonna try to make something like this. . Nothing compared to an AC dehumidifier, just testing. 63%=sweet!
    'Nice having a boat day with the sun shining and no work, ain't it?!

    1. Pete, do you have a hygrometer to see if your home-made dehumidifier will have any significant effect.
      I have a hunch that Greece is much drier than Portugal's Atlantic coast, so maybe it's not such a crucial factor for you.
      You're absolutely right; a sunny day at the boat is better than 2 cloudy days at the office.

    2. (sorry for the delay. I don't get notified for the comments)
      I need a hydrometer. It's on the "list". We've got alot of humidity with winds not from the north. Southern winds are absolutely dreadful. I use these Bison crystal tupperware things which collect alot of water. I haven't tried the homemade ones yet (haven't even "built" it yet) but I'm feeling doubtful they'll be able to keep up.

  2. Hi Horatio,

    What a lovely post. Reminds me I need to get back out there. Thanks

    1. Thank you John and Phyllis.
      Your readers also need you "to get back out there" for a good mix of knowledgeable advice spiced with some adventure.