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Friday, October 25, 2013

There ain't no sunshine anymore

The sun has suddenly vanished, and I'm not exactly thrilled about it. Winter's first grey days reminded me of this song performed by Joe Cocker.

I'd rather be on Jakatar Motor sailing north than sitting in the boat listening to rain and wind. "Strong-willed individuals are not affected by the weather," the experts say. Send the experts to Alaska for a couple of years and then ask them what they think!

Although Jakatar is of closed-cell airex sandwich construction above the water line - which makes it condensation-free - I still went out and bought a dehumidifier/heater. There's nothing like a cozy, warm bone-dry interior.

Sorry about the picture quality. It's dull, drab, somebody's basement.
boat dehumidifier

Look at the flag. It was nearly perfect last week. Lucky the police didn't fine me for insulting Portugal's symbol of glory. Kinda of looks like what's happening to my hairline.

The entrance is rough and murky. This heavy trawler was dancing in the swell before it entered the port.

See the ketch in the middle. It's on the mooring I sold to Antonio and consists of three 1-ton concrete blocks placed in a triangle joined by about 500 kg of ship's chain. The blocks are probably buried in the mud by now. And, yes, I really do feel like an idiot - you could moor an oil tanker to that.

Funny thing too - when I sold the mooring I was the only boat out there. What's not so funny is that I sold my bullet-proof mooring, and the marina is falling apart. We may be looking at a change of scenery in the not too distant future. Hey, when you're alive and kicking, anything can happen.


  1. I enjoy your blog very much! I do not sail, but follow a few sailing blogs. Have you considered upgrading your interior cabin lights to LED marine fixtures, if you do not already have them? Adding some additional light fixtures or upgrading could help brighten things up below deck and increase your enjoyment during work Thursday's and during the winter. Kind Regards, Jackie (Georgia-USA).

    1. Hi Jackie,
      It's particularly nice to hear a woman say she enjoys my blog (I mean, it's normally men who gravitate towards boats and boating).
      I don't have led lighting and, like you say, it would probably make a big difference. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I didn't have one single light turned on when I took that picture...must be the habit of saving battery power when I'm away from the marina or because it's usually sunny.
      The next grey day I'm going to switch the lights on. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I don't want to dampen your airex humidifier/heater dungeon of gloom, but here it was 27C, no wind and the sun was as brutal as summertime. But to make you feel better.... I was sick as a dog, left the boat at noon and "couch-ified" my self watching sailing movies (Hide Away ....perfect gloom and drab!)
    Marina falling apart, disintegrating symbols of glory... hmmm, rings a bell.
    But dude..... get some LED's!!!!! jeezzz

    1. I suppose it's better to be annoyed by crappy weather than to feel "sick as a dog" in paradise. Don't worry, you'll snap out of it in no time.
      The LEDs mission is now in the bucket list...and it's a mighty big bucket.