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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boat Comparison Expertise

This week I went to my floating office on Wednesday instead of Thursday; blame it on a dentist appointment.

Instead of the fabulous hybrid sailboat (featured in my last post), I found this beauty parked across from me.

French sailing adventure
The French Sailing Adventure.
I don't care what you say, this boat has style...well, maybe more so 20 years ago. It's a classic that sails,  has a big anchor, and plenty or deck space for surfboards and a dinghy. Most of all....most of all, I like the way it stands out. Additionally, it makes you want to see the adventurous crew, which surely includes at least one gorgeous woman wearing shorts and a loose blouse.

Behind it, there is a no-name cat.
Used catamaran
I bet it's better than it looks.
It's definitively worth way much more than the other boat, but somehow I'm not interested in the crew that I never saw by the way. To think of it, the gorgeous woman is probably on this boat.

The Rip Curl world surfing championship is taking place 500 m from here at the Supertubos beach, and I'm too busy translating to have a look.


  1. No doubt I'm digging that first cruiser (steel?). Ya gotta have style! For some reason I don't like cats, not that I've ever been on one. But If a loose blouse invited me aboard........ !!

    1. The cat vs monohull dilema. It's like choosing between a dog or a cat as a pet. But anybody prone to sea sickness or attached to a loose blouse suffering from that malaise should get a cat - if you can afford two hulls and the marina costs, of course.

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