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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anchored in Sines

Sailing is like sex: a lot of foreplay and short ecstacies. After a long time of abstinence I'm at it again...sailing that is.

Left Peniche early on Tuesday, motored for 3 hours and then, when a bit of wind picked up, sailed to Cascais. Anchor down at 6:30 pm (44 miles).

Woke up the next morning and pretty much repeated the same thing - motored for 4 hours and then sailed the rest of the way. The conditions were nearly ideal; the sea was calm, the wind pushing us (me and Jakatar) at 2 to 5.5 knots. It was so smooth it felt like I was at the marina when making lunch down below. Arrived in Sines at about 6 pm. (more distance, but got an earlier start).

This is my second night in Sines. Guess what? They're having their annual international music festival and I'm anchor right in front of the stage. Before you start thinking "oh, wow, great," let me tell you that it's hell. I mean this is Portugal for Chistsake, an incredibly loud band was still playing at 5:30 am. No wonder we need an economic bailout.

Set the alarm to 5:00 tomorrow morning, so I'll probably be leaving the anhorage to the sound of guitars and bongos on fire.

Tomorrow it's a long haul to Sagres. Hope it's not foggy.

More details and pictures to follow. Right now I'm on my fourth glass of wine hoping that it will enable me to fall sleep. Hell, the band might as well be playing on my's that loud.



  1. Loud bands playing when you don't want it blows. And this is coming from a sound guy!!
    Great to hear your back at it. I've done a few strolls but am at the farm now via highway and dealing with auto watering systems. 'Should be back on the water by Tuesday and cruising by Friday after dealing with a few leaks and alignments.
    Happy fogless sailing and wishing you silent anchoring!

    1. The band was still playing as I left the Anchorage just before the sun rose, but there was no fog.