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Friday, June 7, 2013

Haulout in Nazare

 I woke up at 5:45 and immediately rolled out of my bunk. The previous evening I had fallen asleep like a baby fully dressed, and that's how I got up. After a wash and a change of clothing, I ate a couple of bananas, brushed my teeth and was ready for the day.

When I poked my head out the companionway it was as still and silent as an oil painting and the water was like silk. Looking around I spotted a hose on the pontoon and decided to give the filthy deck a wash down. My running rigging is so grimy it's embarrassing I tell you. A naked boat is one thing, but a dirty naked boat is quite another.

As I was rolling up the hose, a friendly young GNR policeman walked down the pontoon to check me in. Just for the record: Portuguese GNR working at ports are as friendly and helpful as they come. You may be unlucky to come across a sour puss in a bad mood, but that's a rare exception.

It turns out he owns a sailboat too so we talked at length about sailing, anchorages, marinas...a perfect morning. 

Then I went to the yard, talked to the travelift operator, checked into the marina, had breakfast at the café/grocery store joint, trotted back to the boat, motored around to the yard and got lifted out - everything smooth as could be. I'm getting to be an old hand at this.

The slime came off very easily.
That definitely explains my lack of speed.

Painted with Plastimo Performance 2 years ago. The paint is in perfect condition without any flaking.  
Anybody interested in a cheap fixer-up? 
Traditional fish drying racks on the beach of Nazare.
The long Nazare beach strip - it's supposed to be warm and sunny. Something weird is happening with the climate this year.

You see old ladies everywhere holding "Rooms, Zimmer, Chamber" signs. Haven't they heard about Airbnb or Housetrip?
Walked to the bus station, but instead found a building under construction. This old lady told me where the new station was - which turned out to be a temporary container with a ticket wicket where the buses stop in the street. Bought a ticket on the 15:10 express bus, found a café serving a cheap "mini prato" lunch with wine and then took a long leisurely walk around town. Killed some time sitting on a bench facing the beach and ocean. Why can't I do this every day?

Shot some film during the trip but left the camcorder at the boat.


  1. Jakatar's "bottom" has been exposed. And that paint you use dropped her panties really easy, I see.
    Nazare look pretty nice. Maybe I'll haul out there too one day. As for the weather... every one here is "WTF. Where are the Northern Meltemia winds". Probably waiting for me to launch.
    Howz the tranny? I helped remove one off a 33 JibSea. It was tiny! They call them turtles (helona) here. Nothing compared to my hydraulic TMP.
    Happy "high n drying"

    1. The tranny should be no problema...but...and there's always a "but" in the sailboat slave world...some hex head screws on my fancy drippless Duramax stuffing box have stripped heads. There are many ways to remove them, but then I'll need new ones of the exact same size. In other words, I'm screwed with these screws. I'll overcome, they don't call me Martelo Godzulo for nothing!