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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Visiting the Algarve

Albufeira Beach
Albufeira Beach - the manicured look.

All of sudden I decided we needed to drive down to the Algarve. I needed new flares, some mast paint primer, a shackle and whatever else I found irresistible to blow my hard-earned money. Obviously, it was merely an excuse for a change of scenery.

I've been sailing to the Algarve for the last 10 years, so I thought it would be fun to drive down for a change. Let me tell you, there's no comparison: no fishing nets, no lobster traps, to howling winds near the capes, no rolling motion, no work raising and lowering sails. Right!

The Ayamar shop run by a Dutch couple where I had reserved the flares closed at 1:00 pm Portuguese time and did not reopen in the afternoon. That's why we got up at 6 and drove non-stop to Ayamonte on the Spanish side of the river.

When we arrived in the outskirts of town, the road was restricted to one lane, traffic was being stopped by police at intersections and there was a huge traffic jam as far a we could see. Cyclists in tight colorful spandex were zipping by on the closed lanes on fancy bikes.

The shop is smack downtown opposite the marina. My body temperature began to rise when it hit me that we might not get there on time. But we did.

Ayamonte Marina
Ayamonte Marina opposite the Ayamar Marine Shop.
The friendly Dutch couple had the Interprotect primer I wanted but only in a 2.5 l can, so the husband convinced me that Perfection paint was just what I wanted.

"See," he pointed to the can, "it says undercoat. It's better than Interprotect, that's why it's more expensive."

Forty-nine euros for a 750 ml can. And guess what? It's not a primer - it's an undercoat to be used after the primer. Lesson learned: undercoat is what you wear under your coat and not against your body. Won't forget it in the future.

During the rest of the weekend trip we did what non-boaters do when on holiday.
Praia da Oura apartment
View from our studio apartment in Praia da Oura, Central Algarve.
Albufeira holiday
What's there not to smile about. Plus, I don't have to worry about the jeep dragging anchor!
Downtown Albufeira
Albufeira has mostly English names, English breakfast, English beer, get my drift, right.
Salema restaurants
Having lunch in Salema - Western Algarve - one of my favorite places. If it only had a bay to anchor, although you can anchor off the beach in good weather.

Boats in Salema
The Salema fishing fleet.


  1. Forty-nine euros for a 750 ml can?? What is that stuff made of?? Personally I primed my mast foot with industrial primer (10euro?). What else was on your shopping list?
    Nice to see you got a wonderful "good weather" weekend off. Quite a long haul, eh.
    Thanks for the undercoat versus primer lesson.
    And don't get me started with cyclists in tight colorful spandex! Jeeeez
    Nice pics!

  2. Pete,
    It's a two-part expoxy paint...probably made of the same stuff you bought but with the "International" lable on the can. I bought the paint, 2 hand flares, 2 parachute flares and 1 smoke can (as if I'm ever going to use them, I hope not!) Two cheap shackles and a box of cotter pins. Bill: 144 euros.
    Funny thing is the shop owners had sailed into Peniche on a catamaran years ago and thought it was a rock and roll port (not talking about music either) and on a cat!!!

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