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Friday, May 10, 2013

Micron Extra vs Plastimo Classic

It could - and should - have a been a good day despite the cool and rainy weather for this time of year. The plan was to fine-tune a small book I had just translated and to pressure wash my dirty boat before sailing to Nazaré next week.
Fishing nets in Peniche
Fishermen sorting out their nets or whatever they do...later in the day some of them were sitting on the ground mending holes.
The marina gate was half open - a bad sign. And, just as I suspected, there was no electricity. So, there I was: laptop and lunch bag in hand, the power washer in the jeep, eager to get the ball rolling. But there's no power. Checked the breakers in the panel by the boat - all of which were pointing up and functional.

I then checked the main switchboard by the gate; the breakers were all down and dysfunctional. What you do is switch on individual sectors until you find the one that's tripping the system, being careful not to touch any exposed wires and getting fried in the process.

No luck. Click, click, click...none of them would stay up. Tried different combinations. Nothing. Damn it, don't tell me I have to drive back home. I couldn't go back to my office, I live for my boat day. How anybody can live without the hassles and expense of a naked sailboat is beyond me!

Instead, I went to pick up my Plastimo Classic antifouling paint at Luis' shop. Yeah, that's right, I'm going with cheap paint this time. It might be a stupid idea when you calculate the cost of hauling out, but I'm willing to take a chance on being stupid this year. I normally spend big bucks on International's Micron Extra paint and haul out every two or three years...which also entails lots of diving to scrape growth off the hull and propeller, not to speak of sailing slower after the first season no matter how much you scrape. We'll see what works best.


  1. Next week?! WooHoo! Jakatar sails again!
    Bummer on the power. Keep the pressure washer aboard for haul out though.
    I'm definitely "staying tuned".

    1. The weather is conspiring against me.
      As you can see in Windguru, the weather in Peniche is all strong north wind and large waves for the next week. And Nazaré is north of here...bashing against those conditions with an unreliable thanks!
      Boat slave and weather slave, there's no end to the slavery.