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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Naked Sailboat for Sale

Naked boat
The naked boat sailing off Peniche.
The other day I was in the boat when Manuel showed up with a still-youthful retired couple who keep an attractive steel boat at the marina. I invited them inside for a look and the wife immediately embarked on a thorough inspection. Us men stayed in the pilothouse talking about technical stuff. The usual gender split.

This couple had already cruised the Mediterranean in one month legs during their summer holidays. Now they are ready to go cruising full time.

"I like the pilothouse," said the husband grasping the pilothouse steering wheel, looking out over the long flush deck. "Very spacious," he continued as we heard the wife opening and closing doors down below.

His wife called her husband and we joined her. She proceeded to show him the hanging closet, the head and the forward berth. She opened the large closet door again and stared intently at all my faded cruising rags on the hangers.

We were standing in the large salon talking when I saw them exchange a knowing look.

"Is your boat for sale?" he asked half jokingly. Before I could answer he continued: "We just spent a lot of money outfitting our boat with everything...I mean everything - but it's only 10 meters long. It was perfect for our holidays; now it's small for living aboard. Maybe I should have bought a boat like this one instead."

"Ah, that's a pity," I replied feeling a tremor rushing up my spine, " I would have sold you mine."

"Would you like to trade?"

"Sorry, but I'm not into steel boats."

"How much is your boat worth?"

"Never thought about it," I replied hesitantly. "Anyway, you're sailing off soon."

"That's true, but who's to say I won't sell mine while we're travelling."

"You never know."

He went back to the pilot house, looked around, stuck his head out the companionway and looked around some more.

"By God! Your winches are prehistoric, your windlass is manual, there's no dodger and you have no electronics except a radio."

"I have a hydraulic autopilot and a chartplotter," I said but noticed that he had plunged into deep thoughts.

"You know, I'd need to spend fifty thousand euros to outfit it properly. It's a great boat, but it's naked."

After they left, I thought about the fifty-thousand-euro upgrade. Although he had a point, I think 20,000 euros would be sufficient. At least sufficient for me. After all, too much luxury might ruin the adventure of it all.

So, how could I improve Jakatar with 20,000 euros, if I had the money to spare. Stay tuned for thoughts on the matter. First I have to finish a translation.

PS. Yes, I would sell Jakatar and immediately buy a smaller naked boat.


  1. Whoa... Jakatar is for sale? I hear ya on going smaller, but whats wrong with naked?
    Plus I didn't like that couple snooping and bull$% comments.
    "still-youthful retired couple" Pfffffffffff... getadahere! Does their steel tub have a ronca? Huh? Does it?
    Actually, I would luuuv to see more Jakatar. Would a video tour be asking too much?

  2. There is no "for sale" sign and it's not listed, but I would sell it. Jakatar is a gem, but 32 feet would be enough for this solo sailor right up to my old age. But I said that I'd WOULD buy another naked boat...or throw gadgets overboard as they failed until it became naked.
    Yes, still youthful couple. Some people got lucky and retired at 50 or early fifties before the austerity ax fell and decapitated our dreams! Many people have to work an extra 10 years because they were born 10 days too late!!! Talk about nightmares.
    Good idea, I'll shoot a video.

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