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Friday, March 15, 2013

Naked Boat in Culatra

Anchoring in Culatra
Anchored in Culatra - Jakatar in the center of the picture
This morning I woke up at 4:30, groped my way to the bathroom, and came back to bed knowing I'd sleep no more. I began thinking about this summer's cruising plan.

In the 11 years since I crossed the Atlantic to Peniche, I've sailed Jakatar 9 times to the Algarve to cleanse my soul. The trip normally takes 3 days there and 4 days back, with stopovers in Cascais, Sines and Sagres. Sometimes I stop in Sesimbra; and I may bypass Sagres on my way down - but never miss it on the way up. I've also sailed to and from the Algarve various times crewing on friends' boats.

I couldn't sleep because this year's trip will be totally different. I'll head out around mid June and leave the boat anchored in Culatra or Alvor (that's why I bought the Rocna) and take a bus/train back home. Then, whenever I have some free time, I'll drive down to indulge in my "second life." In September I'll take the bus down and sail back to Peniche. I'm really excited about it and I hope life doesn't get in my way.

After running the whole trip through my mind, I drifted into the land of Oz - in other words, trash fantasies.

This morning's fantasy was not x-rated, totally wacky or plain delusional. Not quite, but almost. I began scripting a movie in which I write a short e-book while anchored in Culatra? I went as far as to drum up some potential titles: Naked Boat - Self-Mutiny; Naked Boat - Less than Zen; or Naked Boat in Culatra. As you can see, I can't get the "naked boat" concept out of my head.

You may be smirking, "pal, you can't write worth beans."

Well, yes and no. After 20 years of nose-to-the-grind translation work, I'll admit I've lost the touch; in the process of becoming a successful translator, my writing has become awkward, mechanical, lame...boring.

Give me a week anchored in Culatra, give me some solitude (not too much), give me free time, give me back to me. God, how I love the sunny life afloat.
Catamaran Lagoon where abandoned boats rot away
Culatra catamaran lagoon
The Catamaran Lagoon Community
Culatra schack
Local fishing boats


  1. Hey Horacio.
    Sounds like a plan, my friend. But I wouldn’t be able to sleep with my boat anchored so far away…. Having problems with just 50km.
    Also, I think the book would be a great idea. It would be so good for you and us. Sure beats “naked-ing” a diesel engine! Personally, I’m a fan of your writing and would definitely indulge.
    Nice pics

    1. Maybe you're right...about "not sleeping" when my boat is anchored far away."
      But I need a change of pace (not to mention that now it's the only way to get away on account of the apartment rental gig).
      Man, this economic crisis sucks big time. Back in the Middle Ages they had the Black Plague, now we have the Corruption-Greed Plague.
      Somehow 1% of the population has managed to enslave the rest of us. Can't somebody invent a vaccine to wipe out these swine.

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