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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rocna 25

During a two-day trip to visit traditional villages in the center of Portugal, I got a phone call from a friend.

"Did you buy the anchor yet?"

"No, there's plenty of time before I sail south."

"If you're interested, I'm in a shop in Ayamonte looking at a Rocna 25 and I really feel like buying something...with somebody else's money."

The price was good, the shipping was free, so why not?

Rocna 25
The Rocna 25 (55 lbs) next to a 5 l oil container for perspective. It's massive and beautifully ugly. I love it!
Don't know if it will fit the bow roller. What really matters is that it doesn't drag in a blow.

And now some trip photos. Yeah, I know, this is supposed to be a sailing blog...but it's winter.

Standing by the Pelourinho where "criminals" were once publicly punished.

Taking the notion of ornamental rocks a bit too far.

Typical houses in Piódão deep in a valley.

Having lunch in Piódão.

Weird pet.

Hike up the castle of Monsanto. Can you see the turtle?

In the last village, there was no restaurant. Luckily we found this community bakery that sold us a huge bread loaf and an equally gigantic goat cheese.

Removing loaves of bread from the wood furnace.

Stork nest. Storks are everywhere. Although they're mute, you can hear them clacking their long beaks from quite a distance.


  1. Yup, that's some anchor. "Wear" in in good health (now that sounds odd). If you don't mind my asking, how many euros(/translating days)?
    As for the country pics... thanks. I'm realizing I got to get out of the house more often.

    1. Pete, the anchor cost 589 euros total.
      As for wearing it...galvanizing colour doesn't suit me very well, but it would make a funky shopping basket!!!
      If you want to get out of the house, pretend you're a cruiser who has just anchored near Athens (with a Rocna, of course) and wants to see the sites on a cheap walking tour.

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    1. Gordon,
      I'll do that as soon as I have some free time.