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Friday, February 8, 2013

On the Boat Again

Finally got my jeep back Tuesday afternoon with a "Cuban-style" fabricated part - but it was a short-lived victory. 

The next morning the battery was totally dead - it coughed a little "click" and croaked. To be fair, the mechanic had warned me of this (and I too had noticed that lately it had been losing its engine-cranking enthusiasm); but I though I could get away with it for a few more days. Wishful thinking always gets you into trouble.

After a healthy dose of curses and expletives, I cleaned the dirty terminal connectors. There's the problem, I thought, more out of wishful thinking than conviction.

This time around, it actually groaned for a moment, but that was it.

I hooked up my old boat charger (5 amps) and an ancient 8 amp charger that I inherited from my dad. I was a little hesitant - never heard of anybody hooking up two chargers to one battery. There were no sparks or explosion so I left them for a few hours until I got enough juice to start the engine. 

Then I drove into town and handed over 90 euros for a new 72 Amp battery. By then the day was shot.

What matters is that I've got wheels again. Kind of pathetic when my life is ruled by a vehicle. 

Thursday morning I drove out to my "second life." Never thought about the boat in those terms, but that's another way of looking at it. After setting up the laptop, tying down the ripped mainsail cover, freeing the wind generator and removing the extra storm lines, it was time for lunch.

Working on a boat
Lunch with a healthy glass of wine (actually 2). I look like a twerp in the hat, but I don't care.
Then it was time to go for a walk and check out a couple of transient boats.

Corbin 39
Jakatar with the sail cover lashed to the mast - the zipper completely disintegrated. You'd think that the spinning wind generator would create a blurry effect in the photograph but, no, it looks as immovable as a statue.
Heavy duty fenders
If you don't mind getting you topsides a little black, these tire fenders are cheap and will last you a lifetime.
Three young French guys on a catamaran going someplace.
Here's a real folksboat crewed by a young couple - spend 20k and see the world with a bit of style. [Saturday morning update: I just saw them sailing south from my window]

Boat inventory
Running my very old Toshiba charting computer so it doesn't freeze up. Also taking inventory of some odds and ends.
While doing my inventory, I found the old thermostat gasket. That inspired me to remove the thermostat housing, clean the mating surfaces, spray the bolts with a bit of WD40 for good luck and YES, it stopped leaking. That made my day!

Here's a video of my trusty Kubota humming least to my ears. Ana says it makes a racket and smells. Feelings toward this engine epitomizes the basic differences between men and women.


  1. How could you stand being away for such a long time?! I'd have gone nuts. Woohoo with the leak.
    And bytheway... women make a racket and smell! All are equal in my periscope.

    1. Hey, if you get attacked, plundered and ravaged by a boat full of women this summer, don't blame this post...tell them you meant to say that "they make a melodic racket and smell heavenly."