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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big Ideas

I've had a lot of big ideas in my life; I've also had my share of ups and downs. One of my favorite plans so far was to stop working today - yes today!

That's not going to happen today, tomorrow or anytime in the near future. Plan B says "another 5 years." The funny thing is that I could stop working today; I could if I were an island or the only coconut tree on that island. [Read my lips: if I lived on the boat.]

Life would be grand anchored here.

Porto Santo Ferry
Having a drink on the Porto Santo Ferry about 4 years ago. I look like I'm drinking lemon juice. Ana has since lost the little tummy through persistent jogging, cycling and gym sessions. But I like the picture anyway.
During our visit to Madeira, we took the ferry to the smaller island of Porto Santo, which reinforced my fondness for dry arid landscapes surrounded by ocean - preferably bays and beaches.

I've heard that a cold rainy climate has its practical and poetic virtues and is also a stimulant for an industrious mindset. I believe it because I've been a pack mule a good part of my life, except when I was busy being a book-reading dreamer and a bum. 

Regardless, I don't want to work anymore. I'm now totally ready and willing to waste my time doing something worth doing in a warm, sunny setting - I'd rather sweat than shiver.

Back to reality and to Jeep news: as I head into the third week of waiting for a stupid little engine part, the mechanic decided to have a local machinist manufacture it "Cuban-style."

Don't ask me about the boat. I haven't been there since the storm and it must look odd all lashed down with extra storm lines in this calm weather we've had lately.

I was going to take the bus into Peniche yesterday but didn't when an unexpected situation popped out of nowhere. Man, sometimes I feel like I'm moving but going nowhere.


  1. Stop working in 5 years, huh. That would be optimistic in my case. Unless we do something radical. I just started reading Roger Olson's book "Plot Your Course To Adventure". Seems I should have stopped working yesterday.
    "Be careful what you wish for" has been running through my mind lately...
    Still crossing the first stepping stones and I'll be damned if I have to work another 15yrs!!
    Ciao Horacio and keep the faith!

    1. How about that, I didn't do a stitch of work today. Got my jeep back and the battery immediately died a total death. It's depressing, I say, because that's what we work for - and it never ends: batteries, diesel, insurance, phone bills, taxes, social security, mortgage payments, a new hat...a never-ending river of expenses.
      5 years to the minute! Then I'll be a full time boat slave.
      Yeah you said it, we gotta have faith.