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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Walking is Healthy

Have you ever felt stuck?

Like sitting on a hot rolling sailboat in the middle of an ocean for a week with no wind and an almost empty diesel tank. That's how I feel now after being deprived of my jeep for nearly two weeks; all this frustration because of one tiny engine part.

Because I'm not in the middle of an ocean, I went for a walk this morning - for a purpose, mind you. 

It's one of those calm sunny mornings that completely transforms your mood the second you step out the door. Let's face it, getting out of the house is a "numero uno" purpose in life. No question about it.

First I walked into town to get some cash at the ATM; then I walked to the farm to pick some tangerines, oranges and lemons - winter fruit.
Lemon tree
Before the storm, this lemon tree had lush green foliage and the lemons were hanging where they should be.
The tangerine tree held on to its leaves and tangerines, looking like a decorated Christmas tree. The orange tree was naked with one fallen and wrinkled orange stuck in the bare branches.

Fig trees
Bare fig tree branches overhead, vines and chestnut tree in the center
What's so exciting about that, you may ask? 

Not much, I admit. But it sure beats sitting at home waiting for a translation, surfing the Internet out of boredom or shoveling snow in Sweden. [I love teasing my Swedish friends and love it too, right?]

Silver Coast in Winter
I was going to walk along the beach on my way back but the tide was too high.
So now I'm back in the damn house again waiting for Apple shares to drop. The lemons fell, why shouldn't apples?

In a post about Apple, I forecast that its shares would drop to $285 within two years. Stupidly, I forgot one major fact: Apple has $137 billion in cash (no, that's not a typing error - 137 billion). Consequently I'll have to change my forecast to $315 per share. You may argue that 137 billion divided by its shares does not equal $30. But it's not that simple, and I'm not about to write a 10-page treatise on the subject.

If you think that's "quacky" listen to this: about seven years ago I bought a Sony 27-inch flat-screen TV for €1,750...yeah, I know, I'll blame it on Ana and hope she doesn't read this post. Today, you can buy a similar quality TV for €400 or less. And we're not even factoring inflation into the price.

That's what will happen with smartphones and pads. They'll be facing the same price guillotine all other electronic devices have faced in the past. Chop! Chop! Smartphones for 99 bucks. And where will Apple get its hyper profits then? Remember, I said 2 (two) years.

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