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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Silver Coast Weather Report

The weather report for today goes something like this: grey, oppressive, useless and uninspiring with rain expected later. Pretty much the same for tomorrow.

I'm chained to the computer, the house...the work. WORK, that's a dirty four-letter word if I've ever seen one. And when the pay is bad, it's one of the dirtiest words I've ever heard!!

As I sit here picking my brain for something to write, I just realized that a blog (or at least a post) reflects the quality of one's life. OK, I promise that this is temporary. It won't be long before I'm sailing or, at the very least, hanging upside down in the boat's engine compartment changing the gearbox.

When I arrived home from lunch, the garden felt so peaceful and soothing that I took these pictures. I thought about my niece Erika who just arrived at some lonely town near the Arctic Circle for a teaching gig and thought, "this ain't so bad." And it wouldn't be if I hadn't been working for 22 days straight from the moment I get up until I go to bed. I don't even dare tell you what I'm translating.

decoration pumpkins
The Three Pumpkins

Villa in Portugal
Looking toward the street
Hanging pumpkins
More pumpkins

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