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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anchoring in the Algarve

I had a bright idea last night. If I write it in stone here, I'll probably feel committed to carrying it out. Sounds good in theory, as usual.

If you've been following my story, you'll know that I'm planing to transport a multi-part mooring to Alvor this spring. The whole affair is described in Temporary Mooring in Alvor.

Before I had my bright idea, I was working on a miserable translation assignment and my eyeballs were about to pop out of my head. Enough is enough. So I surfed the web looking for some entertainment (TV just doesn't do it anymore). I began reading a heated discussion in a forum about anchors and anchoring techniques. Let me tell you, anchoring is a hot topic, very emotional stuff that is taken very seriously.

Suddenly I was looking at a photograph of a Rocna anchor filling my computer screen; ugly and mean-looking like a primitive weapon. I like it.

So off I went to the Rocna site where I watched a demonstration video and was quite impressed. I like the way it bites immediately and rotates during a wind/tide shift while remaining buried.

So, for example, if a dumb-ass boater were to snag my anchor chain with his lousy inferior anchor, it would take some force to pull the Rocna out and, if it did pop out, it would reset almost immediately. Pure genius! They should call it the iAnchor.

The same thing goes for the Manson Supreme anchor, which is pretty much a copy in disguise.

Rocna anchor
Rocna Anchor

So, I asked myself, why go through all the hassle of building a mooring when I can have an anchor that does the same job. Even better, it's like having a mooring wherever I go.

With the mucky bottom in Alvor and Culatra or sandy bottom in Sagres and Portimão, this anchor will bury itself up to the tomatoes, as we say in Portugal.

The downside is that a 25 kg anchor plus shipping from the UK will set me back 750 euros.

This means unplugging from the rat race 750 euros later than I had planned...what a life of compromises.

PS. If you're reading this and I find you anchored in my favorite spot in Alvor when I sail in, you're in big trouble!


  1. And I wanted to surprise you in Alvor... oh well

    That anchor is the business. But 750euros ... couldn't even consider it yet. I haven't dragged yet, not that I've tried. This summer my (?kg) Delta will be tested extensively. If it fails, I'll have to money?
    ps.. TV has become useless!

    1. Captain Pete,
      Hey, that would be a pleasant surprise to find you in Alvor...and my favorite spot is always taken anyway. Alvor redefines the art of anchoring in close quarters where the wind and tide have boats swinging every which way. Also, most boaters are too chicken to take the shallow winding channel in.
      My 45 lb CRQ has performed well enough (all chain and plenty of scope is the secret), but I actually want to leave the boat there unattended for a while...thus the Rocna project. Otherwise I'd stick with what I've got. Never know, might still go with the portable mooring gig, it's cheap.