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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Live On The Margin

As a small-time trader I'm really intrigued about how the bumfuzzle book "Live on the Margin" will perform.

And I'm not talking about book sales, I'M TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY READERS WILL MAKE OR LOSE by applying its investment strategies. If they actually take a leap of faith and invest some of their hard-earned savings.

In my opinion, Patrick Schulte is a really smart guy. He made a lot of money on the stock market (according to him, which must be true because he retired really young) and now he'll make more from this book - at least enough to maintain his slacker lifestyle. Not a bad gig, I'd say.

Also, I'd like to make it perfectly clear that I'm a great admirer of the bumfuzzle crew. I also believe that they're doing a great service to their readers for a whole lot of reasons I'm not going to list here.

But, getting back to the original purpose of this post, two aspects loom large in my mind. First, if you could make easy money simply by following a plan, a method or instructions, there would be a lot of people doing it instead of marching to the 9 to 5 tune. Second, some endeavors, such as playing the stock market, require emotional intelligence - a trait that can't really be taught to any significant degree, I think.

But hey, buy the book, get excited about the "slacker philosophy," spend some time daydreaming, lose a few bucks and break the routine. What's wrong with that?

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