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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life After Death

It's Thursday, my boat day, and the rain started falling as I drove into Peniche.

Don't ask me why, but I decided to take photographs as I drove into town. Why hadn't I ever though of that before. Here is a good way to enhance the virtual show. There was a slight problem though, the camera's flash was switched on. On my second shot, the FLASH exploded in the jeep just as I saw a police car approaching from the opposite direction. Damn, here I was driving and taking photographs. As we crossed paths, the two policemen slowed down and looked at me but kept going. I could almost sense what they were thinking: "Is that legal?"

Weather in Peniche
Rainy day in Peniche

Port of Peniche
The port and the new Clube Naval building in the completion stage, as seen on the far left

My heart was still beating a shade above normal when I slowed down to a crawl before turning left into the port's parking lot. Just then a guy in an old Mercedes came speeding down the blind curve in the road ahead. He must have thought I wasn't going to stop, put on his brakes, went into a skid and nearly sideswiped some parked cars. Can't you just see the policemen if the guy had hit something..."hey, that's the dude taking pictures, handcuff the lunatic!"

I've been crossing paths with a lot of birds lately. Must be a sign, who knows?

Seaguls population
Seagull invasion
Fernando the electrician and his employee arrived and got to work setting up the charger, AC breaker panel and a power socket. It was too wet to install the wind generator and the through-deck AC socket. Tomorrow, there's always tomorrow.

And yes, there is life after death. After one week without any charge the battery showed 12.72 volts and the hydrometer float reached the 100% charge level. So yes, all you boaters and battery owners, if your battery is on the blink hook up a dinky battery charger without a cut-off sensor and boil that sucker at 14.8 V until it resuscitates. But no more than that or it will die for real.
Ideal batter charge
One week after intravenous shock treatment and it's healthier than ever
And here is the new stuff nicely concealed in the pilot house locker.
AC breaker panel on boat
AC breaker panel on right charger on left


  1. Is that the same batt I sang taps to a few weeks ago?? Congrats! Boil, baby, boil!
    Hitchcock is definitely in the house... bird-wise.
    Flocks of migrating birds are great to watch and they make real cool patterns. I haven't seen any yet... then again I haven't seen the light of day this week, due to work. Seems like yesterday, hiding from the summers brutal fire in the sky. I'm starting to envy the Australians with their Santas in bermuda shorts!

    1. Yup, it's the same hooked up to a 16 A battery charger and the wind generator...the dead rooster also came back to life with a new bearing. So, the birds were a sign (even though I don't believe in that stuff).
      WORK! You're beginning to sound like me. I was having a good time, but now I'm swamped with work too.