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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Scavenger

This blog is turning me into a scavenger...a vulture looking for tidbits to write about.

It will be about 4 months before I sail to Nazare for a haul-out and a gearbox replacement. Then it will be another 2 months before I sail to the Algarve and make my innovative mooring. That's the plan. But right now the blog menu is looking pretty damn thin.

And it's getting worse by the day. This morning, out of desperation, I squeezed the camcorder between the passenger seat and the headrest to film my trip to the marina. Shit, as if that's a big deal everybody is dying to see, right?

Since I drive a jeep and the roads are rough, the short clip was mostly a vibrating mess. I got dizzy just from watching it. I've heard of worse ideas, but not many.

Then I decided to speed it up and to apply Youtube's stabilization option and voilá, here it is.

So yeah, went out to the boat, did some translation work, had lunch and then started the engine. The new, and obviously stupid, thermostat hose also leaked. Gave up and went for a walk.

Came across Ryker on his fishing boat and he said that it wasn't the hose. "two hoses don't leak in the same spot." He told me about the days when he worked on oil drilling rigs and had to find tiny leaks even in pouring rain using compressed air. He said he could find a leak even underwater and that he'd come over later to have a look.

That was good to know, so good I went over to Nigel (the unlucky sailor) who was untangling a big pile of lines on the pontoon. His ribs are much better and he had finally pumped most of the water out of his boat. It turns out that a couple of his batteries were still usable so he bought a portable battery charger and got his bilge pumps going. He also told me somebody stole his electronics while the boat was at dock unlocked and he was in hospital.

Back at my boat, I discovered the famous leak all by myself. Took a strong flashlight to it and by squinting real hard discovered that it's coming from the thermostat gasket right next to the hose fitting. A little persistence goes a long way.

The wind generator is up and running again, but looking like it has been rolling in the mud.
Rutland 913
The Rutland 913 was spinning when I took the picture.


  1. I feel you. Its hard to find things to write about between projects. I hope it is easier when we're cruising!

    1. The amphibious life is the way to go, a beautiful contrast between water and land that makes life more...more everything! Even for non-boaters.
      Cheers Tate.

  2. True, true. Hard to find something "important" to write about. Land life is starting to seam blah-ish... needs some aqua to get the pens flowing.
    I've been dieing to make a "journey to the boat" video either by car or motorcycle. Mine's a 45min one starting from downtown heading outwards. Not quite sure the dinky cam will manage and haven't figured out the mounting technique yet... probably gaffer tape, Fun stuff.
    Congrates on the leak and the Rutland!
    Gearbox replacement...ouch! Whatcha got lined up?

    1. The best technique would be to have the recorder attached to my head. You see, I was driving on an ocean-side road but, of course, the camera only filmed the road ahead.
      Months ago I bought a new ZF 12 on ebay for 900 euros. It's sitting in my garage waiting for the big day.
      My boat's got a hole and money is flowing out faster than water flows in. Good theme for a blues song!