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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Transient dock is still full

Yesterday was like living in a cold rainy country somewhere way up north.

But today I woke up to a gorgeous warm sunny day with hardly a breeze in the air.

Got up at 6:30 to finish off a translation, which I emailed to Lisbon, and then roared out of here to Peniche.

When I arrived I was surprised to see the transient dock is still full, perhaps because the 6 knot wind is from the south or, most likely, nobody believed the weather would change so dramatically overnight. The rescued bowman 46 is still here too, empty.

Luis was coming out the gate as I was going in.

"I sleep incredibly well on the boat," he said smiling.

"Last night I said, I'm sleeping on the boat, anybody coming? The kids shouted yes and then the wife came too. They already left. Good thing I stayed longer because I just met a French guy who needs his steering fixed."

Got to the boat, set up the laptop, the boat battery charger and got down to business. Another damn translation for the 20th.

Took a little break before lunch.

advantages of a pilot house
Love the pilothouse except in summer when it's hot (I look like an Egyptian mummy).
After a lunch (pre-made) of octopus rice and salad, I went for a walk up the street past the fort that was once a political prison.

Fort in Peniche
The Fort and the shadow trees.
Turned 180 degrees and took a shot of the opposite side.

Peniche Landscape

Looking north. Can't see downtown Peniche, but it's back there.

Peniche Location

An inlet below those small colourful houses.
Inlet in Peniche

Quaint neighborhood populated mostly by local fishermen.
Ocean view houses

View of the fort and port breakwater in the background, and all the wind generators way off in the distance.
Peniche Breakwater

Driving home. The sky was on fire 1 minute before I stopped the jeep and took this picture. So here it is, imagine it 1 minute before.
Sunset near Paimogo


  1. I don't know if it's the octopus you mentioned or the new look of your blog that's got me drooling!
    Peniche looks like a beautiful place, definitely on the voyage list.
    Carry on, M8, carry on...

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