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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Paradise No More, not today at least

Today the thermometer can't seem to push beyond 12º C. It's also raining and dark - a bad combination. How anybody can survive through the winter in northern Sweden is beyond me.

Bad Weather in Portugal
No beach paradise today
Then I took this picture facing east with the camera set to "twilight landscape" and look at this.
Nasty Weather
Talk about a doomsday look
I've got a Sony Cyber-Shot camera, and that's the best I can do. Instead of spending money on a Canon I've already offered 280 euros for a 2011 Bic Bilbao kayak that comes with a paddle, life jacket (as if I don't already have a huge pile of them) and a helmet. A HELMET!! Yeah, that will come in handy as protection against flying fish.

The seller accepted the offer. Hope I can pick it up this weekend.

It's going to be warmer tomorrow. And a good thing because I'll be working on the boat tomorrow.

Back to work, see you tomorrow at the boat.


  1. I think your "low" just hit us here in Greece. Rain (lots of it), cold (brrr) and 30+ knot winds. I moved out of the harbor back to the mooring yesterday, and now I'm sweating it chained to an office chair. May Poseidon spare us boat slaves... again!
    The Sweds are insane... period!
    WooHoo on the kayak

  2. Chained to an office chair...Pete, you're already thinking like a boat (you know, chained to the mooring).

  3. TooT TooT

    (bytheway, I don't get notifications on your replies. I see them by chance)