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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bic Balbao Kayak Mission

In the last days, the sky has alternated between brief sunny periods and dark low clouds as I sit at my desk translating my life away.

My last guests have left: a German and his teenage son on a surfing holiday, including lessons at the Ripar surf school. They promised to be back in Easter.

Looking back, it seems that the first rental season wasn't too bad. My net house-rental income covered my boat expenses.

Bic Bilbao for Sale
Leaning toward a Bic Bilbao

Got serious about buying a kayak instead of just looking at Internet ads for used kayaks. Because I don't have the time to actually go out and get one, I made a "formal" commitment to the plan.

Ana and I took a quick trip to Decathlon in Torres Vedras after lunch. Besides some cheap shirts, I also bought 2 foam rolls for transporting a kayak on the jeep's rooftop.

Pretty much like committing yourself to buying a boat by getting an anchor and chain!! Easy logic, right? And to think that my parents used to say I was wasting my time studying philosophy.


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