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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bic Bilbao Finds New Home

After agreeing with the seller to buy the kayak, I realized it was a 120-km drive either way. The add had said "located in Santarem," but when I called the seller for driving instructions he said it was in "Entroncamento."

Add 45 euros for diesel, 15 euros for road tolls and the the price jumped another 60 euros, for a total of 340 euros.

I got a paddle, a small life jacket and a helmet. I was expecting a funky metal helmet, but it turned out to be just a plastic bicycle thing. Not that I had any intention of using it.

Anyway, the kayak is in good shape and cost me half of the retail price. We also went for a drive to a little village outside of Entroncamento. At this point, I'll jump at any excuse to take a break from translation work.

transporting a kayak on a car
Back home with the new toy.
The kayak, paddle, life jacke and even the plastic helmet was covered in a thin film of diesel dust from sitting in a garage for ages. We took it to the backyard for a wash.

It only weights 21 kg. I weigh 90 kg and do tons of push ups, so I figured I could toss it onto the jeep's roof with one hand. Wrong! It's shape, length and the jeep's height make it bit tricky.

For now it will be stored in the garage until I have time to try it out. That means waiting for a break from work, good weather and calm ocean all at the same other words, probably not too soon.
how to wash a kayak

This is what happens when you live in a house...junk piling up by the day. How much of it will we actually use, need or give away? Got to start thinking about a major cleaning job before ordering the firewood that will also be crammed in here right below the kayak's nose.

This is my garage by the way. After looking at the fancy ceiling trim, it struck me that some readers may think this is my living room. Wouldn't that be a hoot?


  1. Errrr..... hey! That's what my living-room looks like. Seriously! I'm definitely taking a picture of it.
    Nice kayak. Are you sure your gonna try it out "this" year? 'Getting kinda chilly.

    1. I'm dying to try it, it's just a matter of time...of having time. Yeah, it's getting chilly, but what the hell, paddle like mad to warm up. As John Wayne said "A man's gotta do what he's gotta do" and I gotta do it. I gotta do a whole bunch a stuff before I go crazy just thinking about what I'm not doing. It all makes sense, right?
      Zen to Zero (that's not my motto, it's just a fact and I want my Zen back!)

  2. Cheers M8!

    ps... you mean I've quoting John Wayne all these years....geeez