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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tall Ship Window View

It's been a mad week of work. I'll spare you the details...besides, I haven't got the time to describe how I'm in slave mode in exchange for peanuts, mere peanuts.

The stock market plan is on hold too. I'm waiting for some stocks to take a seriously deep dive, but they're just bouncing around going nowhere fast.

I'm taking a short break because this ship just sailed across my window.

Tall ship sighting
Tall ship going towards Peniche
I know, it looks like a fuzzy box! But peanuts don't buy fancy Canon cameras. It's got all sails up and looked more exciting from here in real life.

I was going to wait for the sun to light up its sails pure white, but I don't even have the time for such a small luxury.

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