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Monday, October 1, 2012

Smaller Boat

After an invigorating one-hour bicycle ride to Lourinha and surrounding area, Ana and I stopped at the promenade along the main beach.
Praia da Areia Branca
Praia da Areia Branca, South Beach (plus Ana's hair to the right)
Beach-side cafés
Promenade looking north, the crowd is at the far end by the cafés
A little later, from up top we gazed at the surfers and I thought about Jakatar tied up at the marina on this beautiful day for sailing. I thought of how I don't get excited about 2-hour sails going nowhere and all the work it entails in getting the boat ready and then packing everything up again. A small boat would be fun, but my 11-ton cruising machine was built for voyaging.

How about surfing, I thought? At my age, I'd feel like a dipstick on a surfboard. Besides, the water is too cold for my taste. The answer is a kayak. I found two second-hand Bic Ouassou kayaks going for 200 euros each. That may be the ticket. Easy to carry on the jeep rooftop, no maintenance and I can take it on Jakatar on my next trip.
Surfing in Portugal
Why stand and fall when you can sit and paddle and keep your hair dry


  1. Great beach pics. I would have found it difficult not to at least body surf.
    I'm kinda thinking of building a sailing dink. Kayaks seem a bit "wet" and I'm not sure about carrying stuff on them

    1. I've always wanted a sailing dink too, but where would I keep it? Too much hassle raising it aboard or taking it home. A kayak is just for very brief fun trips along the coast, knowing that during those short periods I can try to obliterate the never ending hassles to which I've become shackled.
      Yeah, not a bad beach.