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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The 6 mile adventure to Paradise Island

Paradise Island
Anchoring in Berlengas
Jakatar is the last sailboat on the left

Sailed with family and friends to the Berlengas Island twice during a 3-week period.

That pretty much summarises Jakatar's voyages outside the Port of Peniche so far this year.

What can I tell you? It's been a dumb year.

This has been a rather unadventurous year. Let's see, I also rented a kayak at Lagoa de Obidos for an hour and buzzed around the port in the dinghy with my 6-year old nephew. He wanted to go faster and complained the engine made too much noise.

Me, I've got no complaints. After all, what's to grumble about when you live like a yard dog.

Berlengas Fort
A little close, wouldn't you say

I sat in the cockpit watching this act of "disgrace". Incredibly, I took this shot and then my camera's battery died. How did that happen? The other pictures were taken on the first trip.

The sailboat was anchored nearly on top of a vacant mooring belonging to a tourist boat. When the tourist boat arrived, the respective owners began arguing...what else would they do? The dumb-ass sailboat owner thought he was entitled to be there simply because he got there first.

The tourist boat owner went ashore on a dinghy and gesticulated to the idiots to keep their boat off.

Went ashore, and when I returned the sailboat was tangled in the other boat's mooring line. The tourist boat owner comes back shaking his head. Other tourist boat owners show up in dinghies and the consequent yelling, rope pulling and fender placing was a real treat to watch.

Dock in Berlengas
The only houses and public restaurant on Berlengas. The fort has rooms and a restaurant, but a sign says that the restaurant is for room guests only.

On the first trip an old French boat arrived and, let me tell you, these guys have "tomates". They're motoring close up to the rocks with a lead line measuring the depth wanting to anchor as close as possible. There's only patches of sand near shore but they got great exercise raising and lowering the anchor until giving up and sailing back to Peniche. Not before almost hitting the rocks.

Berlengas anchorage
The French Boat, these guys probably wanted to walk ashore

For anyone interested in visiting the Berlengas, here's the ferry on its mooring, which I nearly drifted into while raising the anchor in 20 metres of water. The chain got stuck in rocks and had me worried a couple of times, but the anchor came up fine after a sweaty session at the manual windlass.

Ferry to Berlengas

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  1. Yahoo! Jakatar sails again! Funny the way media stuff (cameras, batteries) are never there for the good stuff. It's always a blast to watch people in anchoring chaos. I used to watch it all from a friends house on Serifos Island with a view to the port. Great fun! Then this one guy shows up, anchors in perfectly in one go and puts them all to shame. I prefer just to keep my distance! Nice pics, beautiful place!
    Sail on!