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Monday, July 23, 2012

Liferaft and all the gear

Where have I been? I've been taking care of the rental business, translating like mad and basically wasting my time. Simple as that!

Normally, I'd be shipshape and ready for the sail to the Algarve in a week or so.

Normally. That was my purpose in to have a purpose, right?

Drove to the Peniche marina the other day to take stock of the situation. Not pretty:

- My liferaft's validity has expired;
- 2 handheld flares are expiring at the end of August;
- The maritime buoyage tax (called "imposto de farolagem") has expired;
- I saw that the 3 fire extinguishers were missing - took them in for inspection long ago and forgot all about them;
- Washed the boat and found a few leaks;
- The electric pressure pump refused to work (actually I already knew that);
- Started the idle in gear the trusty Kubota starts to rock like mad, meaning the propeller is fouled to the hilt.

I've been shovelling translations left and right without respite. Even Spanish to English jobs, even about a project in Mexico. This is getting out of control.

Anchoring in Alvor
Jakatar anchored in Alvor
Some of my best moments have been spent anchored in Alvor lying in the cockpit gazing at the stars nursing a bottle of mediocre red wine.

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