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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Memories of Culatra anchorage

All of a sudden the idea of not sailing to the Algarve this summer sunk me (pardon the pun).
The one single activity that has an adventurous edge to it, that sets me free, even if only temporarily, evaporated right out of my life just like that...and of my own doing!

I got a new camcorder to shoot some decent video of the trip, and what am I going to do now, shoot a 6-mile sail to the Berlengas Island?

There's next year, right? The perfect excuse for wasting life thinking about the future. The future is our worst enemy. Let me tell you, you don't need a Degree in Philosophy to realize that the future is NOW!

What will I miss out on? Have a look for yourself in this poorly shot flick. Listen to the water and tell me you'd rather be on the beach listening to the penguins.

Cape Sao Vicente
Turning Cape Sao Vicente toward paradise
Sailing past Sagres
Too tall to fit right, looking serious at what you'll see in the next picture
Ship Sagres
Coming to Sagres and the training ship Sagres (what a coincidence Sagres anchored in Sagres). It's a lot bigger than it looks here.
 Then there's the moments such using up your time wisely in Culatra.
Restaurant in Culatra
Favourite restaurant and café in Culatra. Not smiling because I just ran out of wine!

Catamaran in Culatra
The most amazing artist at catamaran ranch, a shallow lagoon full of ageing catamarans from the hippie days.

Might as well show you a bit of it.
Culatra lagoon
Catamaran lagoon in Culatra
And now taking the ferry to Olhão past the main anchorage
Anchoring in culatra
Culatra anchorage, Jakatar is somewhere in there