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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life of a Farmer, sort of

The farm was looking like a weed jungle, so I had it rotor-tilled.

Yes, I know, this is supposed to be a sailing blog, a boat blog, an adventure blog, anything but a farm blog!

What can you do, I'm just a farm boy who's got this thing about sailboats and adventure. At least the farm is 200 m from the ocean, so close I can hear the waves rumbling on the beach and smell the salt.
Farms in Portugal
The last of the walnut trees casting a shadow

Fig tree
Grape vines, fig trees and cane hedges

Made a gruesome discovery. A bloated rotting dog floating in the water well. Good thing it wasn't a human body.

Just in case you suspect I've become a landlubber here is a picture of Jakatar off the coast of Peniche.
Peniche Coast all I can think to say
That's enough daydreaming, I've got a huge translation to finish. If you want real excitement check out Pete's adventures of getting his first boat on the water For those who haven't experienced giving birth to a boat, there's just no way to explain it.

Adios for now from the stationary boat slave

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