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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Name Change

I changed the blog name from "Zen to Zero - Farm Boy Adventure" to "Zen to Zero - Jakatar."

Why? "Farm Boy Adventure" was attracting the wrong crowd on Google search, something I hadn't counted on.

Jakatar is my boat's name, and now I'll most likely get hits from people that misspell "Jakarta."

Why Jakatar? Well, the year before crossing the Atlantic my brother and I were having breakfast in a greasy spoon near the Port Dover marina when we struck up a conversation with a talkative waitress from out East.

"Where you boys originally from?" she asked. I don't know if she was referring to Canada or another country. Probably Canada because neither of us has any sort of accent.

"We're from Portugal...we're a couple of Portuguese sailors!" my brother said in his usual jovial engaging manner.

"What'do ya know, two Jakatars," she laughed playfully.

"Huh, what's a Jakatar?" I asked.

"Out East Jakatars are the illegitimate children of Portuguese cod fishermen, plus a few other things you don't wanna know about."

I hadn't registered the boat yet, just licensed it, and that, my friend, led to the brilliant idea of naming my boat Jakatar. I've seen worse names on boats.

Changing the subject
My holiday home rental site hasn't gone public yet because the houses aren't totally ready yet. Hoping to launch this weekend or early next week.

So, don't forget to check out and Facebook it, Twitter it, Google +1 it or whatever you feel like doing.

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