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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Long Walk

I have plans for a new project.

When I woke up on Saturday, my mind slowly flooded with ideas, doubts and hesitations about my new venture. Soon enough a battle was raging in my mind between the pros and cons of this life-changing plan.

I wish I could announce that I'm sailing to Tahiti, but no, nothing that glamorous. I'm furnishing 2 apartments and 1 house to be rented to tourists. Probably just another dumb idea, another trap and time-wasting money-losing venture. But then, that's life!

Lying in bed is the worst place to make important decisions, so I went for a long walk on a grey day. Nothing like fresh air and physical action to gain some clarity.

Here's my long walk as I saw it:
Berlenga Islands
Outside town with a view of the Berlenga Islands
Paimogo Fort
Fort of Paimogo
Paimogo Bay
View of Paimogo Bay from the Fort's upper terrace

Fort cannons
Stone cannon supports
Café in Paimogo
Abandoned restaurant where I ate many times. The front facing the ocean is all in glass with a great ocean view.
Cliff erosion
This is why the restaurant was closed - the walls supporting the fort's yard are falling apart and rolling down the steep slope.
Rocky beach
A rocky outcrop in the bay
OK, so maybe I'll take the same photographs again on a sunny day. Heck, we've had nothing but sunshine for months. On the other hand, this is it, real life, not a magazine article.

The project is on, I'm going to walk the talk.

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