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Friday, February 24, 2012

More Boat Maintenance

My 30-minute exercise session starts at 6:30 am. The bedroom is dark, the blankets are toasty and I have to wrench myself out of bed and up into the attic. Thirty minutes later, I'm a new man ready to face the world.

Then I drove to Peniche determined to deal with the heat exchanger once and for all.

Fishing nets
Fishermen working on their nets
OK, so here is the heat exchanger in its original place hanging from a bunch of wires which I "engineered" last summer while at anchor in Alcoutim. Daydreaming
Kubota V1902
The boat's entrails exposed.  The heat exchanger hangs over the transmission attached by a series of wires. Don't you love my Chinese imitation Crocs.
Disconnected the hoses (one was so tight I had to cut it off) and took the end lids off. Although the intake section did not have any impeller pieces as I had suspected, it contained clusters of fibrous material. The water intake holes were encrusted and reduced in size.

Cleaning a heat exchanger
The cleaned heat exchanger. Must learn how to take photographs. If the light were shining on the end you'd see what's inside instead of seeing a black hole. 
It was now about 11:30 and I was ready to visit the hardware store to look for clamps to attach the exchanger to the plywood panel beside the engine.

Checked my emails first and, sure enough, I sat staring at a translation due before 6:00.

When I finished the translation I sent it off, packed up and went home, just in time to see the fishermen loading their nets back onto the boat.
Fishing in Peniche
Notice how high the tide rose by comparing this picture with the first one

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