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Friday, January 27, 2012


Red fishing boat
Red fishing boat
Yesterday was my boat day again, spent down below working at the laptop nearly non-stop. It could be worse, if I were doing the same work in a windowless fluorescent cubicle.

As you can see, it was one of those ominous-looking days. Thick masses of low dark clouds swept by overhead until it finally rained for a while.

Luis and a buddy motored by on a rib and showed me some of the large sea bream they had caught. I remembered telling myself some time ago that I'd start fishing once in a while just to get out there on the water (marina water is not real even though it's full of fish), run with the stay sail and troll a line while whistling the morning away. Right!
Fish in Peniche
Here they come with a cooler full of fish

I noticed that the Wauquiez is now out on the mooring with his mast stepped.
Wind generators
Look at all the wind generators in the background
Now I'm home again pounding the keyboard like there's no tomorrow. Zany translation deadlines are killing me. My stomach is starting to pinch and my shoulders are sore.

I should stop being a could be worse, Right?

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