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Friday, January 13, 2012

A cold day

I parked at the marina in the morning and realized I had forgotten my boat key. I usually keep a spare key in the jeep as a remedy for these occasions. No luck, I had removed it from the jeep before the trip up north.

Drove back home and got the key.

Back at the boat, as I was looking at the heat exchanger deciding on the best approach for removing it, the mobile rang. An urgent job for the next day. Damn it, the heat exchanger will have to wait one more time.

Broke out the laptop, set everything up, sat down, downloaded the PDF file and started working. But it wasn't long before the cold started to gnaw at me.

Searched for the little black heater, but then remembered that I had taken it home last summer before sailing off to the Algarve. I mean, who needs a heater in the Algarve?

As an alternative, put on a ski cap and draped a towel over my legs and started working.
It was about 12º C in the boat, but it felt cold, and I felt like I was coming down with a cold and my nose started to get wet.

So much for my boat day. Packed it up and decided to go home.

Talked to Ryker on the way out. He was feeding his pet birds...they're like tiny seagulls that flock around his boat because he feeds them and leaves out a tray of fresh water. I'll take a picture of these cute little birds soon, I promise.

The Wauquiez I photographed in the last post put the mast on the transient dock and grabbed a mooring. He'll be covered in seagull shit in no time. I kept Jakatar out there for a year, it was like owning a public toilet for marine birds.

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