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Saturday, December 10, 2011


It's a grey rainy day and I'm feeling lethargic. The energy boost from this morning's exercise session has completely worn off.

I'm in the mood for daydreaming about being somewhere else, such as anchored in the river below.

Anchored in Alcoutim, Guadiana River, in August 2011
"Going somewhere else" can be one of the ultimate pleasures of cruising on a sailboat. Raise the anchor and your escape plan is immediately placed in motion. Escapism, you say. Perhaps, but there's no need to psychoanalyze your childhood or to theorize about your real motives.

If Nietzsche, Sartre and other such sages had viewed the world from an anchored boat they would have been more keenly aware of our primal needs. What do we need? Practically nothing beyond our basic necessities, social interaction and feeling content.

Then why am I blogging? Because Jakatar is at the marina, I'm in a static house on a rainy day and expressing myself is a basic tribal need.

Why don't I just sail off? Because I can't tell you the whole truth. Remember, this is a confessional. People don't lie in a confessional, they simply omit the nasty stuff.

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