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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Zero is Now

I'm back to zero!
I'm standing still again.
I'm watching the parade.

The economic crisis rained on my escape plan. It's not that I'm broke, I've merely been short-changed.

The tide has changed and so has the blog. Forget about my past. Nobody wants to read yesterday's news, even if it's a good story. But if you're still curious about how I got this way, then read the early blog entries. That's all the information you'll need to make sense of this journey.

"Zen to Zero" is a metaphor for what is happening now, for my current predicament after taking that one damn wrong turn. Years of struggling for total freedom wasted like all the hats I've lost at sea.

As of today, I unveil me, right now, right here in Peniche.

Maybe I'll still reminisce about the glory days now and then, but I'm sure you'll forgive me for it.

Corbin 39
Jakatar, my white Corbin 39 pilothouse sailboat in the center. The strange yellow boat was built in a nearby town by a Russian carpenter.

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