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Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Old Boat

Today was a boat day. That means I translate on the boat, make my famous vegetable stew and, if I'm lucky, do a bit of boat work.

Got the large translation done before lunch, way ahead of schedule. That's because I work like a maniac before boat days to get ahead. Translating at high intensity can distort your face...not to speak of your mind, as proven in the photograph below.

The pain of wrestling with words in the Toshiba
After lunch I took a relaxed walk through the marina to ventilate my spleen. Then I put another layer of white paint on the panels I had started to paint the other day and finished just Before Luis showed up.

Luis came to look at the gelcoat damage in order to write up an estimate for the insurance company.

Two weeks ago a 37 foot hunter lost its steering and rammed Jakatar (that's my boat) with its Delta anchor which then got tangled with my windvane. The skipper gunned the engine and now my Voyager windvane is toast. The other guy's insurance is paying the bill, let's hope.

Luis runs a boat shop and also owns a sailboat. We sat in the cockpit looking at this character boat that had sailed in yesterday.
Boat going to paradise

"Some guys are smarter than others," said Luis looking at the boat. "Some people work years and years to buy an expensive boat and these two [referring to the youngish hippie-like couple] probably paid next to nothing for the boat and here they are, going places we only dream of."

Although a lot of people would kill to be sitting on a sailboat on a beautiful sunny day, our minds were fixated on loftier goals. But don't worry, I won't start cackling about "living the life", since that topic has already been talked and written about to much so, that it has become mere pulp fiction populated by faceless souls despairing about their personal doldrums. If you're reading this you must already know the score. Unfortunately, I know it all too well.

Welcome to Zero, it's time to find our Zen.

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