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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stormy weather

I'm pretty much always working on one or various translations at the same time. Right now I have a legal document due on the 11th, a one-page assignment due tomorrow and another that I finished today right after lunch.

Since Windguru is forecasting stiff wind and waves of nearly 8 meters from the west for tonight and tomorrow, I drove the old jeep out to Peniche to add an extra fender and more lines to the boat. Waves that high will leap over the breakwater and wash into the marina causing the boats to strain at the lines and to act like rocking horses.

I was going to work on the boat (translating, not boat work) Thursday, but it doesn't seem very feasible trying to concentrate with the wind whistling off shrouds, halyards slapping against masts, nylon lines groaning against cleats and the constant rocking action.

Weather in Portugal
Here's what it looks like on a bad day.
The picture was taken by someone else from a marina pontoon.

Sinking boat
Here's the unfortunate result. Picture taken from a local newspaper report last year.
pier tetrapods
The same breakwater on a normal day. Note the number of tetrapods for added protection.

Peniche port layout
This aerial view gives you an idea of the port's configuration.

Peniche location
And then there is this google earth shot.

Wooden masts rotting

This big boat has been here for a couple of weeks with lots of young people aboard. I hear the captain discovered that one of his wooden masts is rotting.


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